ToT 10man:

ToT 10manedit raid

Date: Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:30 pm
Attendees: 13
1 Jin'rokh the Breaker     Event Attendees10 Event Date7:48 pm
2 Horridon     Event Attendees10 Event Date8:25 pm
3 Council of Elders     Event Attendees10 Event Date9:01 pm
4 Tortos     Event Attendees10 Event Date9:33 pm
5 Megaera     Event Attendees10 Event Date9:51 pm
6 Ji-Kun     Event Attendees10 Event Date10:47 pm
7 Trash mob     Event Attendees10 Event Date10:50 pm
10 Dark Animus     Event Attendees8 Event Date10:23 pm
11 Trash mob     Event Attendees10 Event Date10:26 pm



(*) Indicates characters who are no longer in this guild, but are maintained for historical purposes. More information is available here.

Attendees By Class

ClassAttendeesClass Percentage
Druid*Dinosaure, *Nuzleaf2 (15.38%)
Hunter*Natoom1 (7.69%)
Mage*Ival, *Krokuss2 (15.38%)
Monk*Fairish, Hinatasama2 (15.38%)
Priest*Ranaznam, *Hiromore2 (15.38%)
Rogue*Lëx1 (7.69%)
Shaman*Ignacious, *Adulio2 (15.38%)
Warlock*Raoul1 (7.69%)

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